Bikers for Christ are looking for new members.

Detroit Renegades are staked out on W. 8 Mile between Woodward and John R St. with their own outdoor advertising display signaling their presence.

Sin City Deciples and Satan’s Sidekick Motorcycle Clubs of Detroit are rumored to be looking for new members. Plenty of seating.


Perhaps you can just ring the bell a Sin City and sign up. I am not sure. Enrollment has been dramatically shrinking all clubs in Detroit.

The Black Bottom Dragons and Dragons Motorcycle Clubs are struggling to survive.

Motorcycle club buildings are prominent. The Signage is an important statement of the commercial landscape. Generally black, and foreboding. The clubs have long faced discrimination based on the perception of violence, corruption, and extortion.

Highwaymen MC was founded by the Godfather of Motorcyclists, Elbum, “Big Max”, Barnes in Detroit, 1954 and grew to seven State Chapters. A long history of Federal crime investigations dating from the 1960’s about the Highwaymen created the designation of a 1% motorcycle club…. club’s with criminal motives. A lot of members have gone back to college.

Highwaymen official silver and black logo patch consists of a winged skeleton wearing a motorcycle cap and leather jacket.

The Outlaw Motorcycle Club is internationally notorious. Founded in 1935 on Route 66 in McCook, Il. The operation grew to 30 U.S. Chapters and 20 chapters in four other countries. Their insignia was inspired by film, The Wild Ones, with Marlon Brando and the addition of a skull and crossed pistons.

The Avengers, established 1967, have a neat storefront building on W. Warren with a well-crafted metal fabricated logo mounted on the door.

My favorite. Join NOW!

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  1. Bikers or motorcyclists fit in with a brotherhood of the quick and the irate. They are the undisputed cool fellows with a state of mind that separates them from whatever is left of humankind. Motorcykel dragt

  2. So I just walk in and ask can I join?

  3. Would like to get into a club for comrodareyand brothethood.

  4. Nothing is what it used to be. Detroit biker 20 years. That West. Warren clubhouse you posted I helped build. One of 3.Real brotherhood is earned not given.

  5. What about the Vigilantes?

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