Location Scouting and Management

David CLEMENTS offers you:

  • 30+ years of film, television, video and photo production experience.
  • Working knowledge of metro Detroit and Michigan region, local government, and film and television production resources.
  • A large and extensive metro Detroit and Michigan high quality photography archive.
  • Unlimited quantities of patience, tact, and good humor.

David CLEMENTS can:

  • Find a location
  • Provide Detroit Area Tours
  • Organize and coordinate the crew/equipment
  • Supervise various departments
  • Act as producer liaison
  • Arrange and negotiate site use
  • Manage site throughout the shooting process
  • Work with in budget and time limits
  • Maintain health, safety and security
  • Manage the public and “the wrap”

David CLEMENTS clients include:

  • Feature Film Production
  • Agency -Commercial Production
  • Local Retail TV and Radio Advertisers
  • Corporate Videos
  • Photography Shoots
  • Documentary

Recent Work:


Double Band Productions

Befast, Northern Island

Location Scout

Location Archive Search


Swift Active  Media

Location Archive Search

Schreff Productions


Personal Detroit Area Driven Tour


  • Conan Venus Agency
  • Kalamazoo,  Mi
  • Location Photo Archive Search
  • 98 W. Productions
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Location Scout
  • ESPN Production Black Mafia
  • Location Scout

Pace Communications

Reilgh  , N C

Location Scout


  • Otis Entertainment
    • New York, NY
    • Location Scout

98 W. Productions


Location Scout

Location Photo Archive Search



  • Valiant Pictures
    • New York, NY
    • Location Scout
  • Erin Bender Photography
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Location Scout
  • Otis Entertainment
    • New York, NY
    • Location Scout


  • OSK Public Relations Frankfort, Germany
    • Damler Advertising
    • Detroit Images for Display
  • Kiran Koshy Productions
    • Los Angeles, Ca
    • Promotional Video
  • Cenit – Germany
    • Auburn Hills, Mi.
    • Detroit Tour Coordinator
  • Guerilla Productions – L.A.
    • Jon Connor Video – Flint, Mi.
    • Location Scout and Manager
  • Some Odd Pilot Productions – Chicago
    • CAT Shoe Product Shoot
    • Location Scout and Manager


  • Driving Plates – Los Angeles Location Scout
  • Instrument – Portland, Or. Microsoft program Location Scout/Management Detroit an Ann Arbor
  • Eric Klein Photography – Chicago Little Caesars Pizza Scouting and Location Management
  • Adacho Productions – LA Hino Trucks Location Scout Detroit, Grand Rapids
  • Pierre Tzenkoff – Paris, France Location Scout
  • Treauu Marketing NYC- Frank Ocean Product Rollout Location Scout
  • Urban NYC- Purdy Paints Location Scout


  • ESPN Productions Flintstones Program Location Scout
  • Urban Productions NYC John Varvatos Apparel – Detroit Location Producer
  • Timescapes – Belgium Barbershops – Documentary Location Producer
  • Jack Morton – San Francisco Corporate Outdoor Event Location Scout


  • Lucky7 Productions Frankfort, Germany Location Scout and Transportation Industrial
  • Discovery Channel”Worst Thing I Ever Did” Location Producer
  • Barbershops Documentary by Luc Vrydaghs Location Scout
  • ELLE Fashion Magazine, September 2014 issue Detroit Location Producer
  • Brachfield Production- NYC Location Scout
  • KT Produktions – Switzerland Location Scout
  • Jonathan Abshire Fashion Photographer – Dallas, Tx Location Scout and Manager
  • David Fogel Photographer – Paris, France Location Scout


  • American Idol Detroit Tryouts Location Scout
  • NBA Programming Location Scout and Manager “Bad Boys” – Detroit PIstons National Champions documentary
  • Location Scouting for Meijers TV spot campaign Harvest Productions, Lansing, Mi.


  • Thomas Productions of Indianapolis, IN Location Manager 1x:30 TV spot  Brighton Center for Recovery
  • Avalon Film, Detroit Mi. Location Scout – Grand Rapids, Mi. locations


  • North Woodward Community Foundation Troy Family Daze Festival TV Campaign Writer/Producer/Director
  • Places Journal – Design Observer     Writing on the Wall virtual photography exhibit
  • CNBC- Field Producer  -Money Matters Profile -Sauder Woodworking, Archbold, OH


  • Real Steel – Walt Disney Dreamworks Assistant Location Manager
  • Scream 4 – Location Scout
  • Laughing Out Loud – Location Scout
  • Blessings in a Backpack – Video Marketing Program Producer and Director
  • Mad Media – Ford Precision Driving long form commercial Location Scout
  • Popular Mechanics Magazine – Location Scout
  • Sweet Baby Jesus – Location Scout
  • Millennium Pictures -Jeep Commercial – Location Scout
  • Farmers Insurance eight TV commercial campaign -Producer/Director and Writer
  • CGI Communications – Macomb County marketing programs -Director


  • Stone – Millennium Films Location Scout
  • Harold and Kumar 3 – Location Scout
  • Man Smiling Moving Pictures
  • Executive Director – Rescue Party National Tour Exhibiting An American Opera: Greatest Pet Rescue Ever!


  • Sony Pictures/TNT Movie – Benjamin Carson, M.D. Story Assistant Location Manager
  • Hangman Productions/HBO Pilot Location Scout
  • Miss January – Feature Film Location Scout
  • Concentric Communications (NYC) Location Scouting and Coordination
  • Once Upon A Time Productions (Toronto) Lifetime Network feature film – Location Scouting
  • ABC Studios – Prince of the Motor City Location Scouting
  • MGM Films – One Day- Feature Location Scouting