“When we bought this building in 2001, all the
 buildings on Michigan Avenue were occupied, even with a bad economy”. Now they are nearly all empty or gone.

 For 15 years Angel and Gladys Cancel have kept Angel’s Place Restaurant open, serving food from their home, Puerto Rico. 

The interior is very basic, with homeland décor and a large wall mural. “There are not many Puerto Ricans in Detroit. Most of our business comes from the neighborhood. Some people drive in from the suburbs, often as a family event. We have never had any trouble”.

Angel had worked for General Motors for 35 years, arriving in Detroit in 1959 following his father. Gladys arrived in Detroit in 1971. “When I saw Gladys, it was love at first sight”, Angel said. When the economy was good he worked, when the economy was bad he was laid off.  They had three children, and a restaurant seemed like a steady job. Angel discovered he liked to cook.”He was better at it”, said Gladys.

Angel and Gladys arrive around 11:00 am Monday –  Saturday. Angel prepares fresh food daily. The dimly lit kitchen is filled with a wide variety of wonderful odors of fried sweet plantain, and various chicken, beef, and pork recipes simmering on the stove.

David Watson had accompanied me to the restaurant. He is bi-lingual and has visited Puerto Rico several times. Gladys got on especially well with him, discussing food, island culture, and the beautiful ocean frontage of San Juan in Spanish.

Gladys runs the front of the restaurant. She takes 
great pride in the modest dining room, and keeps an eye on the cash register. Angel stocks the hot-hold server for take-outs, and their grandson was on duty today to assist.

“I will bring a sample of foods to a table, please
seat yourself”, offered Angel.  A variety of dishes were quickly served. The meal was massive. The Pork Pernil was very good.   

Gladys gazed on happily as we packed up the left overs, and paid the bill. If you visit, cash only. 
No $100 bills.

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  1. That's really nice.. I'll have to try this place, when I return home to Michigan. Family establishments are the best..

  2. can i have phone number to visit

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