Detroit Winter January-March 2014

Winter in Detroit.  As the open landscape absorbs the       loss of architecture a vast openness is evolving. Plains of snow lend to a quiet feeling where pheasant run wild.

Now that the Michigan Governor has suggested that visas be granted to immigrants to re-settle in Detroit, a wide variety of properties and business opportunities await them. Just pick out a property…it is all yours. 

 The last of small frame housing sit isolated.

Once a railroad line, this long strip of land has reverted       to a more natural state.

                           Commercial building continue to waste way                                        in once viable communities.

                          Some historical buildings are maintained                             like the Ford Motor Company Piquette St. Plant.

The Skillman Foundation has invested development money in a region called North End, planting sculptures as part of a  community stabilization program.

                  All images are available for purchase. 

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