Tiny Homes and Big Scripture on President Woodrow Wilson Avenue Detroit, Michigan

There is a lot going on in a small section of town that contains … almost nothing. President Woodrow Wilson Avenue in Detroit initially reflected the residential prosperity of Detroit, circa 1913.

The building is the People’s Block.

Nowadays, the President Woodrow Wilson (W.W.) corridor neighborhood is nearly vacant.

It’s certainly wide enough to land a plane on.

Not all has been lost. The Detroit Repertory Theatre still stands on W. W., having endured poverty, riots, and community abandonment since the early 1960s. The DRT stage is the oldest alternative professional theatre in Michigan. Its future, too, is unclear.

Powell Landscape now occupies the 1914-era Oakland Theater. Ghostly advertising on the north wall promises High Class Motion Pictures.

Traveling south on W.W., two motorcycle clubs hold on to remaining storefronts. The Dragons M/C Detroit’s façade comes alive with boldly painted images.

The Mother Chapter, Est. 1969, continues to serve members.

On the south end of W.W. is the impressive Arthur Antisdel Apartments. This project, completed by Cass Community Services, provides 41 new housing units to make a dent in homelessness.  Renters pay no more that 30 percent of their personal income.

There are two chief attractions on W.W. side streets. One is a display of big scripture in open land on Richton St. …

… whose overarching theme is FAITH.

The other, on the opposite side of W.W., is a new neighborhood of delightful Tiny Homes …

… ranging from 250 to 400 sq. ft. in size. These charming dwellings fill in two empty streets, and feature clever individual architectural designs powered by solar energy.

Tiny Homes Detroit effectively addresses the city’s critical need for attractive, comfortable low-income housing.

The nearly unlimited availability of open land in Detroit suggests that more tiny homes are a safe bet for the future.

This successful project is the latest addition to Cass Community Social Services’ urban development programs.

I highly recommend a visit and a walk through this new community. Very impressive.

More info:

Note the many videos on the project – Tiny Homes Detroit

Please support this fabulous effort at Cass Community Services.Org

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5 thoughts on “Tiny Homes and Big Scripture on President Woodrow Wilson Avenue Detroit, Michigan

  1. I’ve heard about these houses, but haven’t seen them yet – will have to check it out. Thanks for the mini Detroit history lesson!

  2. Thanks for sharing this David. I’ll put this area on my list of places to visit.

  3. Amazing pictures David! When can I move in? I hope they can build more and that people will choose this sensible alternative to the McMansion ugliness that seems to prevail as smaller and historic homes are torn down, along with trees and landscapes, only to cram in these ugly, cheap looking mega structures. It would be nice to see a tiny house instead
    surrounded by gardens and trees…

  4. I’ve seen these tiny home and have taken others to see them too. Very impressive.

  5. I sent an application regarding the tiny houses. Did you receive my application. I think they really cute.

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