Multicolor Motown – Focus on Yellow

The progression of Detroit’s commercial archeology is linear. One-story buildings have replaced others demolished to accommodate widened transportation routes now striped in yellow.

These wide corridors service manufacturing, retail, and Downtown Detroit.

To attract the attention of passing motorists, retail buildings are painted in yellow striping paint. It is durable and hard to miss.

The buildings advertise an abundance of liquor, hair care, food,  and auto repair businesses.

Street-front churches use yellow to deliver their messages. Used-car dealers compete for clientele, and Arabic script covers the exterior walls of Barakah Grocery.

Pawn shops, wholesale food distributors, furniture stores and car washes all clamor for attention.

Even Michigan Bell Telephone once promoted The Yellow Pages with a phone that changed color to mark weather conditions.

I am convinced that, somewhere, there is a cache of yellow striping paint just waiting for business owners to dip into.

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2 thoughts on “Multicolor Motown – Focus on Yellow

  1. LOVE the yellow theme! Really great work, David – Bravo!

  2. I did not realize yellow striping paint was so popular. Thanks for sharing these great photos!

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