Curtis Harry migrated from Alabama to Detroit in 1953 for a good paying job. 

He succeeded and worked in the plants. While working fulltime, he and his wife started a family of four children and trained to be a barber. He went into business in 1964. He celebrates 50 years of cutting heads.

In 1976 Curtis moved to the present location on Mack Avenue. A  white community then, soon to change fast.

At age 80, Curtis is turning over the business to son Christopher (age 38).

“I don’t do a lot cutting any more, some regulars.  I spend more time at home and I like to hunt”. 

Stuffed animal trophies fill out the walls of the shop.  It feels homey.

I went to Harry’s Barbershop with Luc Vrydaghs, Belgium documentary filmmaker. We were location scouting in Detroit for a location segment for his international look at barbershops. When we visited the shop we were warmly received. “I want you to feel comfortable” said Curtis. He was so kind. 

“You have tried the rest, try the best.”….Harry’s Barbershop  – Detroit 2014

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