THE STAGING AREA on Woodward Ave. in the Detroit Culture Center began to fill early in the morning with a wide variety of marching bands, floats, clowns, horses, all in a festive mood on this grey damp day.

Sousaphone players brought up the rear of the massive Marysville High School Band numbering over 175 members. 

Henry Ford was celebrated in front of The Detroit Institute of Arts. The 100th Anniversary of the Model T, built directly North about two miles.

The Clown Corps was ever present, here preping for the treck .

Some of the floats were quite creative, this one promoting the Detroit Jazz Festival.

The Motown Museum Float featured a bevy of women dancing to the recorded music of The Contours with Al Chisholm at the podium .

Color and fun was the theme of the participants. Strong shoes and long underware was a requirement.

A Michigan State Police Officer joined in with a little dancing while on duty.

These two people were wired to the Kermit the Frog baloon. I must assume the baloon required battery power for some lighting effect.

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