Detroit Free Press features Detroit Giants of Gospel

The Detroit Free Press recently published an article in anticipation of the upcoming Detroit Giants of Gospel show.

This Friday at the Ellen Kayrod Gallery, Kelly and the world of Detroit gospel will come into focus via the work of street photographer David Clements. Titled “Detroit Giants of Gospel Music,” the photo exhibit runs through June 16.

Clements has been working on the series since 2014 and trains his lens on longtime local groups like the Morning Echoes, the Pure Heart Travelers and the Heavenly Stars of Detroit, who recently celebrated their 45th anniversary as a group.

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Detroit’s Thomas Kelly still performing gospel music at age 103

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One thought on “Detroit Free Press features Detroit Giants of Gospel

  1. Back in c.1942 one of Detroit’s earliest Gospel Choir/group was the LEMON GOSPEL SINGERS LED BY LUCILLE LEMON that emanated from East Lake Baptist Church on Tennessee Street in Detroit. The Pastor, Rev. Gadson didn’t like that “swinging” music of the choir when Mrs Lemon conducted… So the group left and went to the Lemon’s house and became the Lemon Gospel. singers… This is the group that Mr. wynan sang and met his future wife…… We hear about Mattie Clark, but Mattie didn’t appear on the scene until the 60’s
    In the 1940’s Lemon’s was one of the few and best on the Detroit scene….Ms. Lemon had one ddaughter Valdelores who still lives somewhere in the Detroit area…(For your information….

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