At 74, Ann Scott is imposing at rehearsal. 

She is the only remaining original member of the Heavenly Stars of Detroit, a women’s gospel group, founded in 1972.

Ann’s family migrated from Tyler, Alabama in 1961 for a good paying Detroit job. She then raised four kids with husband Pastor Sam Scott, became a licensed practical nurse, and a local AM radio broadcaster with Sam, for 17 years.

Ann is the Stars manager. “Well, the cost of living is so high, I have to keep working….I need to call the girls about dresses.”

Rehearsals are weekly at Sam’s church on Mack Ave. 6:00 sharp.

All additional Stars arrive on time. The band was ready. For the next 45 minutes the Heavenly Stars of Detroit run thru their act. Ann often takes the back row as other members take the lead in passionate solos.

Ann runs a strict production schedule. “I try to get my people in and out in about an hour”.

 In performance, the Stars move to a finale with a band pounding groove. The house is electric, on their feet, the pews are shaking.                                         

Ann Scott steps forward. Her gown and jewelry sparkle. She tore up the aisle, and the Heavenly Stars of Detroit shine. This is talent.




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